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Augie Garrido

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sean Jun 6, 2015

I have never agreed with a coach winning enough, doing enough or being important enough where he gets to retire whenever he wants.

I did not like that conversation around Joe Paterno at Penn State and Bobby Bowden at Florida State.

I dislike it just as much when the conversation is brought up about Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido. Garrido has more wins than any coach in college baseball history and has won five national championships with 2002 and 2005 at Texas. Even with a resume like that, he is employed by the University of Texas and they will decide when he leaves his post.

The leader of the free world (POTUS) gets four years at a time and a limit of two terms if he is re-elected.

CEO’s get fired from companies that they started every single day. Nobody is above getting fired.

With all that said, Texas would be crazy to fire Garrido right now.

Texas started the year ranked in the Top 10 and expectations were high after making it to Omaha and the College World Series in 2014. At one point this season the Longhorns were 26 – 25. They had to win the Big 12 conference tournament to make the NCAA tournament.

When they won the Big 12 Conference tournament in Tulsa and the pitching staff looked on top of their game, many thought the team that everyone expected in 2015 would show in the NCAA regional at Dallas Baptist University.

They struggled to produce on offense and for the first time went “0 – 2 and a BBQ” winning not one game in a regional.

The fact still remains that Texas played in the CWS last season and ‘effectively’ won the Big 12 conference in 2015.

If Texas had won the Big 12 basketball tournament would Rick Barnes still be relieved of his duties? No.

In a results oriented society where the outcome matters, the outcomes have not been what was desired but are surely not coaching change offenses.

Texas finished a dismal 30 – 27 but his 2015 Longhorns won the Big 12.

People are clamoring for Garrido to make changes on his staff to get better hitting out of the program. Changing coaches will not change the hitting. Hitting has to be a program point of emphasis just like free-throw shooting in basketball and special teams in football.

It is not and will not be a point of emphasis on a Garrido ball club. His emphasis is on pitching and defense and the hope is that they will get enough hitting to help them win. That is why some players hit well in high school, hit average at Texas and then hit really well if they can turn it on again like Brandon Belt with the San Francisco Giants.

The fact of the matter is that Garrido’s way has won him 5 national titles. You would have a better change of asking a leopard to change its spots.

Texas and Garrido will part at some point but that point is not now. Garrido will not determine that point in time. Texas will make the change when they see fit.

The fit is not after winning the Big 12 for the winningest coach in NCAA baseball history.