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Sean Adams Inside CoverSean Adams, covering sports for nearly 15 years as a radio host, television analyst and author, brings unique perspective and insight to his role as a member of the media and beyond.  A former NCAA All-American athlete, Adams is dedicated to ‘keeping it real’ – addressing even the toughest issues in sports and society without fear, intent on finding a better way.

Adams travels extensively to speak with athletes, athletic departments, parents, sales teams, and corporate groups about the fundamental principles of sports and teamwork.  He is an authority in understanding and stimulating potential in people, encouraging individuals of all ages to ‘find who they potential are’ using sports, humor and life’s little issues to communicate the message.

His first book, Sports for Life: Daily Sports Themes for Life Success, was published in 2006. His second book, It’s Okay to be Crazy, was published in January of 2010 and focuses solely on an undeniable key to success – attitude.

Sean holds a Master of Business Administration and has post-graduate studies in public relations and the humanities.  He previously held CFO and COO positions in the corporate world and was named the 2012 Young Alumnus of the Year by Abilene Christian University – his alma mater.

In 2012 he was named the inaugural Research Fellow at the University of Texas’ Program in Sports and Media.  The TPSM Fellows program was established to bring the voices and experiences of working professionals in the sports and media industries on campus for creative interaction and collaboration with faculty and students.

Adams is regularly featured on national networks including ESPN, LHN, FOX Sports, CBS and the NFL Network.  He contributes to both print and digital outlets, such as and, and has an active social voice via Facebook, Twitter (@thatsean) and Instagram (thisean).  His areas of interest are varied and range from sports history to the economic impact of sports on society to the socialization of the modern athlete to the college campus to training athletes to manage the spotlight, the media and their social media outlets.

Sean is currently the host of The Adams Theory, broadcast live from 2-4 pm each weekday on iHeartMedia’s Austin, Texas – based AM1300 The Zone.  The program is also available via stream at and via the iHeartRadio app.